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Portal News Exam Results 2018 1-May-2018
  Please remember that exam results will be available through the Student Portal from 6.00 am UK time (9.00 am UAE time) on 16 August for A Level exams and 23 August for GCSE exams.
Portal News Logging in problems: Email portal@descdubai.com 15-Mar-2018
  Always include your full name and tutor group, and details of the problem.
Portal News Logging in to the Pupil Portal 15-Mar-2018
  You can use the Pupil Portal to access the DDD, your timetable, exam entries, timetables and results. Your username is the first part of your DESC email address (everything before @) ie. student A Smith = 22asmith (year of graduation, forename initial, surname). Your password is 5 characters (3 letters then 2 numbers). This is emailed to your DESC email address.